Cork Plastics

Cork Plastics

Cork Plastics is a leading supplier of plastic pipe and cladding systems, sewer and land drainage, rainwater systems, ducting and fascia in Ireland.

  • Client: Cork Plastics
  • Project: Website Content Management System
  • Project Type: Bespoke Content Management System / Website
  • Technologies: List of tech used (e.g. UX, UI, .Net, HTML5)
  • Launch: Visit Website

Cork Plastics are a leading supplier of plastics for pipes, cladding systems, rainwater systems, fascia and land drainage in Ireland. Having firmly established the company in the domestic market, Cork Plastics began an expansion strategy to new markets in both the U.K and France.

Having virtually no online web presence, the challenge was to maximise the potential of a digital marketing and sales strategy across multiple markets, tailoring both products and language specifically for each market.


Vidappt worked closely with Cork Plastics key management and sales team to identify the new markets that the company was focusing on in the future. Once the key strategy was established, full requirements were documented and timeframes agreed to facilitate a multi faceted sales and marketing plan.

Providing a central products database provided the ability to manage specific products and related information specific for each market and domain. The products and also all website and digital marketing content are manage through a single, web based management application.

As part of the digital marketing mix, we produced content for the website and online channels both video and written to clearly communicate the experience and proven track record enjoyed by Cork Plastics to their emerging new markets.


Vidappt produced a highly effective Responsive Website designed for optimised viewing experience on mobile and tablet devices. The website content and product catalogue is easily managed though our a bespoke single interface application with full digital marketing capabilities.

As part of the overall digital strategy, new content was created and tailored for each European market. Video was used to illustrate the scale of company and manufacturing capacity of their Cork facility. Social networking was introduced to assist in the business development of senior executives, creating introductions to new business opportunities abroad.

The website now performs as an excellent support tool for the sales team across Europe.

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