Public Appointment Services

Public Appointment Services

The Public Appointments Service, formerly the Office of the Civil Service and Local Appointments Commissioners, is the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services for the Civil Service.

  • Client: Public Appointment Services
  • Project: Recruitment  - Test - Application
  • Project Type: Online Test Delivery Platform
  • Technologies: C#, UX, UI, .Net, HTML5, XSLT, Web Services, JQuery, CSS3

The Public Appointments Service is the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services for the Civil Service. They provide recruitment and consultancy services to local authorities, the Health Service Executive, An Garda Síochána and other public bodies.

As part of the process of moving from a paper-only application process to an internet-driven, online application procedure that is second to none, Vidappt worked with the Public Appointment Service providing an online test platform to delivery and administer tests for certain recruitment campaigns.


Vidappt carried out workshops and project definition meetings with key personnel from both the Recruitment and Technical departments and other stakeholders within the Public Appointments Services. The outcome of these project meetings detailed the technical infrastructure, technology approach and functional requirements for the administration of the online tests.

As part of the process, detailed content familiarisation was undertaken to ensure that an adequate test environment was also deployed.


Vidappt success fully deployed and managed the online delivery of web based tests for national requirement campaigns. The deployed solution accommodated over 20,000 candidates, taking the test from various locations around the world.

A full set of reporting and data analysis was provided upon the successful completion of the recruitment campaign. Vidappt have enjoyed working with the Public Appointment Service since 2013.

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